Sunday, November 18, 2007


Anthony had Austin spend the night Friday and they built a fort. (I labeled all the pictures "tent" until Chris said "It's a FORT!") Anthony and Chris expanded on the fort Saturday afternoon.

Trying to get a good picture of me and Baxter after work Saturday, but Baxter wasn't having it for some reason and kept hanging his head down.

Anthony's turtles... big boy and french fry. No idea.

About 6 months ago, Justin (my friend and photographer most nights) and I took a dog while in a terrible part of town. It was pouring down rain, and he had no collar and rusty stitches from being neutered. He was really underfed and I convinced Justin his girlfriend would love him. They went to Orlando for the weekend so we got to watch him! His name is Simon. He's a little chihuahua. Tony loves him. Baxter hates him. Growls everytime Simon gets close to him.

I was sleeping on couch and look where Chris found Simon and his teddybear! Ha!

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