Monday, December 3, 2007

Get out of Jail Party

Kennie Berg - on the far right - is our meteorologist on Good Morning Jacksonville Saturday. She is leaving so her going away party theme was "get out of jail" and here was are at the lineup. Victor is my coanchor. And I have on Anthony's DARE t-shirt and my fake hair. Chris was a cop. He wore all his stuff from the civilian cop course he took. But we forgot to take pictures so unfortunately this is the only pic I have so far. I stole it off someone's Facebook page. :-)
I should get more later that include Chris and my face! We all had to take mugshots when we got there, so those pics should be pretty funny.

Tgiving and Start of Xmas

Bax and Tony feasting together on a turkey leg!

My finished turkey. And almost finished drink. We celebrated Thanksgiving and Chris' birthday Friday. John came up and our neighbor came over since his wife went out of town.

Bax just chillin' in my shirt.

Bax eating turkey.

Chris putting up lights on the house. First year we've done outside lights. Oddly enough, everyone on our side of the street did white and the other side of the street did colored. Kinda weird it turned out that way.